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There Is A Difference......

Before & After
It’s why you go to a professional framer....isn’t it?  To make your valued work of art look its best. Our skilled craftsmen can help you recommend enhancements to your framing that you may not have thought of. Museum glass can make your prized art or photo viewed clearly from any angle. A striking frame and mat can bring out the colors and textures in the art, and a subtle touch of color in the inner mat can further integrate the work with its environment.

Different size art doesn’t always mean different sized frames.
A modern chord was struck when Frames & Company matted and framed nine historic illustrations for its customer. The matte and the inline of gold made all the difference in pulling the colors and drawings into one piece, creating a wall as interesting as each individual art piece.

Updating walls and making all manner of art look its best is what we do best!

Fun with Words

Reflective? Thought provoking? A  bit pompous? Just right for that special someone.

Want to make a statement?
Capture a moment? Share a secret thought? 
Stop in and pick out a favorite phrase  – with an added dimension.

The 27th letter in the alphabet......

“&” was actually part of the English alphabet. In the early 1800s, school children reciting their ABCs concluded the alphabet with the &. It would have been confusing to say “X, Y, Z, and.” Rather, the students said, “and per se and.” “Per se” means “by itself,” so the students were essentially saying, “X, Y, Z, and by itself and.” Over time, “and per se and” was slurred together into the word we use today: ampersand.

We have lots of them at Frames “&” Company, in all materials and for every purpose. some of them even light up!

Museum Glass® blocks 99% of harmful and damaging light rays and has less than 1% of light reflection yet keeps visible 99% of the light transmission to preserve and the brightness of your framed photo, print or painting.

And for a limited time, we're deducting 50% from the price of your cost when you add it to any order of a shadowbox or collage.

Make it beautiful with Museum Glass. ®